1998 Sketchbook

For organization and excavation purposes only and of no interest to anyone but me.
I wanted to have old sketchbooks at my finger tips because this blog is a working tool. I consider drawing to be a skill, and for my drawings to enter into the realm of art, I would have had to do a lot more. Working on paper does not hold my attention for any length of time. No fancy materials: for a long time I used newsprint because I could buy it at the local hardware store by the kilo, and a regular pencil or bic pen. Yet, this work/play has probably made my textile sketchbook and other current work possible. An added benefit--this archeological site (!) has helped to reinforce Memory as it documents my peregrinations.

1 Dec 1998, African mask on poster, Italian class.                    July 1998, Chicago zoo.            

July 1998, Plymouth in Wisconsin
                July 1998, Greyhound station, Minneapolis, MN


  9July 1998, bus station, Fargo, ND

             8 July 1998, Glendive, MT

July 1998, building near train station, Portland, OR

         July 1998, oak tree, Portland, OR, waiting for bus

   July 1998, seagulls, Portland, OR

July 1998, field, Portland, OR

                    June 1998

24 June 1998, Wisconsin

 June 1998, Illinois

                           June 1998, Illinois

June 1998, Illinois              
                                                                May 1998, Illinois

                                                                May 1998, Illinois

May 1998, hotel chair, Frankfurt, Germany

May 1998, Frankfurt, Germany airport
                                   May 1998, Tunisia, truck near bus stop

May 1998  
                                             May 1998, Tunisia

                                                    May 1998, Tunisia

April 1998, Tunisia


                April 1998, street vendors in Tunis
April 1998, holding up the wall

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Maartje Quilt said...

I like your sketches and your textiles! Great inspiration.