Monday, June 2, 2014

Cumquats and Colored Pencils

It's a good year for cumquats. Our tree must be at least thirty years old, an old friend. The Campers and I have been picking our sketching subjects right off the tree. Yesterday, the lesson was about colored pencils. In my sketchbook, I like to line up the colors used at the bottom for reference.

GD1 (first granddaughter, now 12 years old) picked up the technique easily.

GD2 (now 7) decided on a flower in the garden. She is learning to look at her subject and see what is there. Watching her try so hard, I realized that sometimes we forget how difficult that lesson is.

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Margaret said...

Love your post on kumquats. I've only ever seen them adorning fancy desserts and salads when I've dined out. And your grand-daughters are decidedly talented. Clearly those apples don't fall far from the family tree. (grin)