Sunday, November 23, 2014


I seem to have developed a habit of sketching during dinner (easier than stitching at the dinner table!) since it's just the ol' man and me. This does not impinge on interpersonal communication since I can talk at the same time. 

Last night I decided to draw on a scrap of fabric with a permanent pen (Copic Multiliner 0.5). I've been thinking about inserting watch & clock faces into at least one of my pieces about ageing. That idea would require more than one or two faces, maybe a bunch. That's a pleasant thought. Without hands...maybe the hands should be floating on the outside of the face...haven't decided

And then, to stitch or not to stitch...still ruminating.


jude said...

liking this idea...and i might try sketching during dinner.

Margaret said...

I like the idea too...but how did you keep the fabric from moving and shifting as you drew? Did you tape it to a flat surface or the table or something?

The Idaho Beauty said...

Feeling compelled to share how my brother incorporated clock faces in a concept piece. He's a woodworker, normally designing and executing unusual furniture, but he had this idea for a past,present,future clock. How to portray those three kinds of time in a single piece? His solution was to work 3 different clock faces into a mostly triangular piece of wood. The main face is a modern one which represents the present and is in the center of the piece. Tucked partly behind and below it is a smaller face with roman numerals representing the past. The future face sits above, slightly bigger than the wood it is attached to so the sides curve around the edges. And it is black with black hands and no numerals at all representing in his mind that the future is always murky and hard to make out. I love that clock and he recently gave it to me. So it is with great interest that I will follow how you will use the clock face to carry out your concept.