Friday, March 20, 2015

Engineering My Jeans Bag

So with the appliqué finished, I now face the challenge of engineering the finishing touches on my jeans bag. Here's the lining of flea market fabric, which has two jeans back pockets attached to each side. That will make four pockets on the inside and four on the outside, five if you count the tiny front pocket (I never understood what that was for).


The Idaho Beauty said...

Congrats on finishing the applique. Clever idea for the inside pockets. That little pocket? It's my understanding that it was for small coins, back when a few cents could actually buy something! I can sometimes stuff my house key in it when I go for walks but the fob has to dangle on the outside.

Martha said...

Can't wait to see the finished bag. So interesting. I have heard that the tiny pocket was called a ticket pocket. Miners put their train tickets in that mini-pocket so it would be handy for the conductor. But who knows really?