Thursday, April 2, 2015

Possibly a Finish

Spring vacation has been productive. Just some circles to sew onto this wild tunic.

I have been reflecting on this piece and its future. It may undergo further transformations...hmmm, yes, into something else. 

Something like "She Ran Out of Time." 

We shall see...time is slipping by...


Mo Crow said...

love how the circles are flowering in your wild way with applique Nadia!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Holy smokes! This one really did take on a life of its own! But I must admit to times when I started with a simple idea and ended up adding just a bit more...and just a little more...and just one more hard to stop! The circles are a nice touch.

Els said...

Loved to see those circles with the tiny dots around them on the blow-up !
Very fun print Nadia !!!
I missed a bit on this blouse as it seems ... To me it looks like sea anemones setting loose their spores ... ;-)

Vicky aka Stichr said...

i agree....the circles are a nice addition. can you wear the shirt?