Saturday, July 2, 2016


At Sketch Club, I felt like sketching the geraniums in the garden of my sketching pal where we met. As temperatures were pushing 100°, I also chose them because I could see them well through the window from the safety of an air-conditioned room. 
When I noted that I had a lot of space on the right, she said "You could always fill it with that writing you do now." My thoughts exactly. It was a pleasant afternoon--despite the heat.


Mo Crow said...

such a beautiful sketch full of the heat of summer

The Idaho Beauty said...

What a lovely little watercolor sketch and I love the look of your writing. Inside with the a/c is the smart place to be when it's that hot. Heck - high 80's send me inside!

Julierose said...

Love how those geraniums spill over along with the lilacs (?) lovely sketch..hugs, Julierose