Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Exploded

For a number of weeks I have only managed to stitch after dinner. I focused on the tasks at hand; I restrained myself, constrained myself, contained myself.

Then today, BOOM! I exploded. I felt I deserved a present for my 2nd blog anniversary over at MulticoloredPieces. And what did I really want most? To start a new piece because I've had an idea simmering for awhile, and then things seemed to just come together (or get out of hand)....I pulled out a bunch of fabrics from my stacks for the background.

However these were dictated by the foreground. Five men's shirts: a dark brown, a dusty green, a grayed purple, a white for sparkle, and a striped purple.

OK, OK! I know my To-Do-List is over 20. Do you know where this is going?


Roxanne said...

Haha! You go girl! So many projects, so little time. Happens to all of us. But how delightful to have so much to look forward to. It makes life worth living.

Mo Crow said...

both you and Jude of Spirit Cloth blow me away with how much you get done!