Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thinking Vertically, 2

Possibly, just possibly, this corner is finished.
The addition of French knots has created a directional movement. I put a book underneath (after I stitched the piece to my pajamas--of course I cut a hole in the pjs rather than cut the threads of my precious French knots) and was able to work on the top, making the French knots work up faster.

Maybe because I've done so many (The Pen, yeah the pens are all French knots, took me 3 yrs), 
I still prefer French knots to thread beads.  They seem to stand out better...for me.


deanna7trees said...

i like the french knots too. the embroidery is more beautiful each time i see it. and i remember the pen from some time ago...just fabulous.

Els said...

FANTASTIC, Nadia !!!!!!!!!
French knots are great, I agree !

Els said...

Ha, forgot, laughed about the cut pjs : just like we suggested a long time ago, that thát was why Jude had so many holes in her jeans : cutting the jeans instead of the stitches of her work !!!

Roxanne said...

Oh my, you were very ambitious.