Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another Start?

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm not supposed to be starting another piece when I have zippo time and a TO-DO-LIST as long as my arm. Well, tough!

With the times being what they are, I felt that my last sketchbook page needed to become a larger work. 

No, truth to tell, it was when I realized I had enough of the background fabric left that I made the decision to expand.

Here's the beginning: Two sheets of newsprint serve as the stabilizer to which I'm pinning the fabric.
It currently measures about 2ft. x 2ft., but will inevitably grow. The uneven edges please me. I'll add more red bits. The idea of palimpsest (loose definition: an underneath text or image shows through despite new layers) comes into play here. [The main reason that I went to graduate school is so that I can throw around big, impressive words. ha!] That the original flowers (in the darker fabric) come to represent a flow of blood adds layers of meaning, some irony, some horror.

I am currently thinking of pulling together a small exhibition that connects my artwork to my blogposts and to the so-called Arab Spring. No idea of the where or when, but "leap and the net will appear."


Janet M. Atwill said...

Perhaps the light and the camera--or my rotten eyesight--makes the "background" material appear 3D--or you are pinning it to bring together reds? Oh dear, is this "hemorrhage art"? But you have an ambiguous red/white cross(es) on the wound . . . .

Margaret said...

Risky business, eh? You are being held up in prayer over here in Canada. Hugs!

Mo Crow said...

your work and words help light up the world, would love to see the exhibition in real life!

quilthexle said...

sounds like an exciting project - go for it ! Would love to see that exhibition ;-)