Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Sketching Weekend

After proctoring exams last week, I spent a couple of days at the beach with my sketching buddy. After watching the Sketchbook Skool videos we attacked a soap bottle. I used colored pencils on gray Canson paper.

We had a first--sketching outside on the beach. 

The weather was lovely with a soft, warm breeze that gently rustled in the palm trees. 

Sometimes nice things happen when sketching outside. A young Tunisian woman wanted to take a picture, and politely asked. Then we got to talking and it turns out she is studying film in Italy, but had been in the streets of Tunis during the 2011 Revolution. Like everyone else, she was sad and frustrated with how things have turned out. It is hard to be young these days...

Then we had lunch in a restaurant and I whipped out my planner/sketchbook and drew the old Hammamet fort, and a tourist because tourists are an endangered species...not many around. 

It was a good sketching weekend--and I got stitching done as well...

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