Monday, May 19, 2014

The Copper & Brass Collection

The final homework assignment in Sketchbook Skool was all about slowing down, drawing details and using your kitchen as a subject. I chose my copper and brass collection instead--plenty of detail there. 

I could only stand to work on this a little bit at a time and I really needed a finer tipped pen as this is only 5 1/2" x 8", very small. Now I'll add some watercolors--but with a very fine brush. 

Seeing the posted homework of other students made me realize that a sketchbook/journal serves the need for constructing and defining Memory. Frequently, strong emotions are attached to the work. My collection contains nine teapots and kettles that belonged to my grandmother, consequently, her memory stays fresh in my mind.

However! as I like wild lines, I will only do this type of detailed drawing once or twice a year at most. It's very time-consuming, and stitching trumps drawing in my artistic world. I remain the Reluctant Sketcher...

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Mo Crow said...

I like this one a lot Nadia but your natural sense of line is so loose & wild & free, just go with it!