Wednesday, December 24, 2014

An Exhibit

Paul Klee, Auguste Macke and Louis Moilliet made a trip to Tunisia together in 1914, so in honour of its "centennial" the Bardo Museum (Tunis) is hosting a show of their work from that trip. No photos allowed of the small aquarelles and sketches, but, I went with the intention of sketching anyway, to sketch the sketches. I was surprised at the poor quality of paper they used (looked like newsprint), but delighted with the line work. 
Louis Moilliet, left: "Scène de la rue en Tunisie" ("Street Scene in Tunisia," 1914);
right: "Vendeur de rue arabe" ("Arabe Street Vendor," 1914). 
I was a bit disappointed that this exhibit did not include some of the wonderful color studies for which all three artists are known. However, it provided an excellent sketching exercise--I found that Macke was much more precise in his lines while Moilliet had a very loose hand. Enjoyable afternoon that is now recorded in one of my sketchbooks.
Auguste Macke, left: "Homme avec une brouette" ("Man With a Cart," 1914);
right: "Arabes assis devant leur maison" ("Arabes Sitting in Front of Their House,"1914)


Els said...

It is always fun to "encounter" great artists like this ....

Anneliese said...

It is a good idea to sketch the sketches - you will always remember this exhibition -