Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Shoe Project, 1

Thanks to the Sketchbook Skool classes and playground (Facebook page), I have acquired enough skill to honor some very lovely shoes--which I myself cannot wear. While drawing this, I reflected on shoes as artefacts. This one pleases me because it is "patchworked" and the craftsmanship is excellent.
The challenge was in the textures of smooth leather and velours-like suede. I sketched it with pencil lightly first because I wanted some exactness. Most is done with a humble ball point pen, however, for the suede parts, I cross-hatched lightly in pen then went over it with a Prismacolor black pencil. I used colored pencils for the beige interior as well. The shadow is in watercolor.

The background will get a watercolor treatment.
I might get wild...now there's a pleasant thought.


Els said...

Mmmmm would be great portrait for advertising shoes ;-)
They're lovely by the way. I have some, similar in shape .... but can't wear them anymore :-( aching feet .... well taking one step at the time I sure get where I want to be ha, ha !

Curious if there will be more shoes ...

Mo Crow said...

I love this drawing of a shoe & look forward to seeing it get wild! have enjoyed seeing your sketches throughout the year thanks for sharing Nadia!

deanna7trees said...

beautiful shoe and a beautiful sketch. wishing you the best for the new year.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Lovely drawing Nadia. I feel the soft experienced hand your pencil uses. Such grace in this shoe.
Happy New Year Nadia!

Anneliese said...

I like your drawing - it is so natural - showing also a bit of a crocodile's skin - hopefully an imitation.
I wish you a happy new year and thank you for your lovely interesting an inspiring blog.