Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bootkamp, 5

When in doubt, do a lot...more continuous line selfies.
Five different people, each one with a bit of me. 
Maybe the red/purple one is closest. Fun and fast, all the same.


Nina Marie said...

omg - lovvvve this!! so interesting! Makes me want to know more!

Els said...

You did them all on one day ????

(HI Nadia, lovely to seéé you ;-) ...)

The Idaho Beauty said...

Upper right is my favorite and looks the most "right" in terms of depicting a person, any person, and a great pose. I watched the demo video over on sketchbook skool and was amazed at that continuous line portrait thing. May have to give it a try and could see how it could be translated to thread sketching which I plan to spend some time with this year.