Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Artfully Inspired Life," 1

Knowing there would be some pretty big bumps in the road for 2016, I enrolled in Joanne Sharpe's "Artfully Inspired Life" that focuses on art journaling and lettering, besides signing up for "Expressing" at Sketchbook Skool. I need to have someone else organize the "fun" in art this year, while I work to finish some major pieces and face the medical challenges of a family member. Joanne takes one by the hand in such a cheerful and positive way. I do not worry about being artistically influenced in my textile work because Joanne's brand of "whimsical" does not coincide with my artistic vision. However, I will allow myself to be led and some "whimsical" will slip into this blog for awhile. I have wanted to play a bit with lettering for a long time, but, I didn't want to start from scratch. So Joanne has done the work for me and I'm happy to follow.  

This month's alphabet is wonky. Very fun--nice way to start the year.

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Mo Crow said...

Hey there's alphabets inthe air this yeaer, Rhonda Ayliffe is finding the alphabet in the every day through photos & calligraphy here's a link