Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to Wings, 2

Inching along in the wee hours.
I've been reflecting on a title for this. "Icarus," probably, however, maybe a companion piece to "He Went to Work Every Day...Then He Retired." Something like, "And Then She Flew Away"--just a passing thought. 
Rather a pile up of fabric at the bottom of the wing where I'm stitching now. 
I may have to cut away some fabric.


deanna7trees said...

love that weaving down at the bottom.

Els said...

These wings are so spectacular, Nadia ! Ha, saw up close all the details: holes, one going through another ... it's so good to see ;-)

(good daughter and family is back safe)

Minka said...

check out this photo taken in Brazil. It immediately reminded me of your work!