Friday, June 7, 2013


Yes, I threatened to slice this piece, however, it was saved from the cutter by a friend who would like it intact. So I finished off the stitching by extending it into the background fabric.
A rare work, indeed. Probably the only white piece I will ever do. And yet, it has heightened my awareness of the possibilities of white.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

oh...the magic of light coming
through. i am so glad to hear
this remains as is, in tact.
good. good.

Mo Crow said...

oh what a lucky friend scoring this beaituful experiment into the what-if-ingness of white although must say I would have liked to see you needle turn this one!

Mo Crow said...

just saw the finished piece on your other blog with all the needle turning in place & the French knots, oh gosh this is a perfect piece, you make cloth sing!

Marie said...

Fantastic creations! Congratulations! Hugs from Greece!