Monday, July 29, 2013

The Reluctant Sketcher

My sketchbook came in handy last night. It's not that I don't like concerts; it's just that I'd rather be doing something, like stitching. My mother always had her knitting at concerts (and was known to chase run-away balls of yarn down the aisle). We went to the Roman amphitheater in Hammamet (Tunisia) to see a French singer, Gérard Lenorman. It was a trip down memory lane...
When one sketches in the dark, one cannot be too particular, however, this exercise kept me busy, forced me to pay attention to details, and anchored the experience in my memory. The amphitheater is small as amphitheaters go, holding only about 500 spectators. The intense humidity settled on everything and reminded me why I would not like to live in a beach town. Gérard slipped around on the damp stage and had to change his fancy street shoes for a pair of plastic beach sandals to keep from falling down. 

Yet, it was an excellent concert. At 68, this granddaddy was physically fit (he's gotta work out everyday) and could still belt out all his best hits with the energy of a 20-year-old. The accompanying musicians were young and talented (I'm thinking that they're probably cheaper to get as well). Gérard, a personable man, played well to an enthusiastic crowd.

Ah, Gérard, that's the way to grow old: stay focused on your art and reach out to people. Then you will be filled with energy and music.


Margaret said...

I do not know the musician, but got a kick out of your sketching your memories while he was performing. Like your mother, I'd have been knitting! :-)

Mo Crow said...

thank you for sharing your lines in the dark Nadia!

Els said...

Ha ! Gérard Lenorman, that sure is Memory Lane !

Ahhh yes, that other side of the roots !