Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Odd Bit of Creativity, 2

The concept of a plump potholder does not exist in Tunisia. Since I must grab playtime a few minutes here and there lately, potholder recycling seemed a good time to play. 

I started with two weary and stained potholders that were way too thin, although I was happy to have found them. Or maybe someone else found them for me...Anyway, they looked bad.

I just stitched on scraps and didn't even bother with a binding.
There's still the other side to do. More fun later.
And when I see them hanging on the kitchen wall, I'm delighted. 
Neither pretty nor ugly, just useful. No expectations, just utility--what a relief.


deanna7trees said...

no expectations...i like that.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Expectations are hard on us and so glad you went with what felt right.These are useful and pretty too! Well done Nadia

Anonymous said...

these are fun... I think I'll do this to one of my burnt crappy potholders!