Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shredding a Shirt, 1

"Shredding" was Jude Hill's word for this technique. "The shredding of a dream" I think she said. The size of this piece makes it difficult to stitch and control the buckling. I'm thinking I may have to find my quilting hoop, if only I could remember where I stored it...Never thought I'd see the day where I said that.
I attached the neck of the second shirt. Then I realized I should begin cutting in behind the green shirt so I pinned it to one side. The collars (so stiff--why do men wear them?) throw a monkey wrench into the works. Yet, I'm rather surprised the way the design is developing. This is the type of thing you can only find out as you do it. The dark brown is pleasing to work on because of its graphic qualities.

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Perlhuhn said...

It sounds very complicated but thats your strong point! Curious to see how it will develop.
(with my google account now I can comment on your blog ... yippieh! :-) )