Sunday, April 6, 2014

Burgundy & Blue, 7

I visited my Sketch Club friend in a beach town and spent the weekend unplugged. Amazingly, all the lists that I carry around in my head simply evaporated and I found myself with enough time, more than enough time, to stitch and sketch. What a feeling! 

The end is in sight for this piece.

We began the online Sketchbook Skool lessons, for which we are enrolled (ok, I wasn't enitirely unplugged). 

For the next six weeks, I'll try to work everyday in a sketchbook. Here the assignment was to record your day in words and sketch. The paper is cream colored so I tried some white water color without much success.

More and more, I see some crossover. I sketched the right corner of my stitching in my sketchbook/journal since I started my day with some stitching. I had been thinking of doing this for awhile.

I'll probably sketch my stitching more and more. I did a slow sketch of my watch, since I had to proctor midterm exams, and a quick sketch of a student--I was trying to be discreet.

And what a weekend!


Bonnie Hull said...

LOVE the drawings!!!! xo

Mo Crow said...

love the sketch of your stitching Nadia!