Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Gate

I've already "sketched" a gate in my textile sketchbook and I'm thinking of doing another. The subject of gates is interesting for they are beautiful, however, for me, the need for protection prevails.

As I had little time yesterday, I rapidly sketched my front gate on a prepared sheet of paper (green watercolor wash) with my Stabilo pen and added added some pencil afterwards.

So that's my front gate from the inside with olive trees and local cypress/pine trees. I'm thinking I would like to see this stitched. Or I may do it again and draw directly on fabric. Undecided.


The Idaho Beauty said...

I find these loose sketches very appealing. They convey something beyond their simplicity.

Mo Crow said...

we live in a brave new 21st C world and you live in one of the really wild places!