Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quince Blossoms, 1

A couple of quince trees stand in my backyard. They're like an apple but very hard, best for preserves unless you want to commit dental suicide. 

The blossoms are fading, and as I find them pretty because they vaguely remind me of dogwood trees, I thought I'd better get them into my sketchbook/journal. 


So I started with a piece of fabric glued to a sheet of drawing paper from my notebook.

In addition to my rule about relative speed for my sketchbook/journal (no hand stitching allowed, only machine), there is a temporary rule about no use of pencil, and drawing from life, for the Sketchbook Skool, in which I am enrolled.

OK, I cheated. I lightly sketched in the branch I planned on sketching with pencil.

However, this is only to place the shapes of fabrics to prepare the background before sketching. Barely visible...I shouldn't have confessed...

I cut out fabric shapes, and glued them on.

Lately, I've been going off the edges--one advantage of working with fabric.

Then I stitched them down, adding lines that may or may not add some depth.

Background prepared--now the fun begins!

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