Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Snippets Recycled

While traveling to Istanbul, I didn't forget my stitching. My kit included throw-away snippets from a previous project, which I stitched to a base fabric.

They were such lovely colors, I couldn't throw them away. No idea what this will become, just doodling around.

Looking at the photo, I realize that you might be thinking: "hey, Nadia, you're way out on a limb here." And I would totally exciting!


Margaret said...

What a fun, colourful "experiment". Looking forward to seeing where it takes you. :-)

Els said...

Ha, lovely what you can do with leftover scraps Nadia !

The Idaho Beauty said...

Nice to know someone else sees potential in what's about to go into the trash. ;-) Looking forward to seeing where your doodling takes you - it's usually to a very good place!

Vicky aka Stichr said...

i will be on the other limb balancing us out