Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pink-Red Minimal

I picked a Valentine for Valentine's Day, one that I could stitch on. And I worked on it a bit and blogged about it over at MulticoloredPieces. The original piece begun around 15 years ago looked like this:

A small publicity design in a magazine inspired it, which I re-discovered in an old sketchbook when putting order in my "stuff." Dated Aug. 1997.

For a long time, I was unable to admit the source inspiration; I felt like I had stolen another artist's idea. However, I now see that my piece has taken on a life of its own. Other design ideas have shown up in my journal where I scribble down creative thoughts. Just playing around with the design elements. Lots of possibilities...hmmm, maybe I should finish the first one.

I'm now doing reverse appliqué into it: 
                                                                  1) Series of circles.

    2) Free form elements.
   3) Bean-shaped forms.
Excavating: And as I stitched, I remembered:
The flaming arc on Geraniums from My Garden came from the trimmed striped forms of Pink-Red Minimal. Funny how one thing leads to another.

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