Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Red Line, 2

This sketchbook page requires more documenting. The stitching of the man was first.
I played with pulling threads to create a fringy effect on the mustache 
and the grass.
I found working with the glue stick efficient, easier than pins with such small pieces. Got a few bubbles, in the face, for example. Note to self: try ironing it all out to get rid of bubbles before stitching.
The writing was, as usual, an adventure. I penciled it in first. Don't know that it will ever get better, but, I kind of like the unevenness of it. Triangles again. In this case the shattering effect.
Excavating: The idea of a childish figure that represents something horrendous comes from War Games I: A Study in Contradiction (Dec. 1995), inspired by the first Gulf War.

Still on the drawing board, another piece about the 2011 Libyan mess will have similar imagery. Unfortunately, this theme may continue for some time.

Being surrounded by emotional people, I do my best not to cry. Someone's got to hold things together and calm everyone else down so we don't slip into mass hysteria. Art helps to keep a grip. However, the political assassination of a courageous man brought tears to my eyes...


saskia said...

oh my, you live in a violent part of the world; we all had such hopes for you last year, I still hope for more...more mutual understanding, I suppose.
It isn't easy.

Gracie said...

These are both magnificent Nadia. Each reminds me that the majority of people in the world do not isolate their work from every dimension of their lives, nor do they exclusively mourn for the tragedies. Just amazing stuff. Thank you.