Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wing Cloth Center, 2

Just inching along...
The beautiful burgundy fabric ravels easily, but is soft,
thus easy to sew as long as I don't try to do any fancy cuts into it. 
I can't say it enough: my number 7 milliner's needle does all the turning and with a smile. 
The needle and I are one.
This is fairly easy stitching as there are only three to four colors.


Mo Crow said...

This is like watching an unraveling ravel! & re needles am in love with a tiny packet of J. Milward & Sons no.7 egg-eyed betweens at the moment!

Mo Crow said...

oops that's H. Milward!

arlee said...

order from chaos, flight from grounding, love it

deanna7trees said...

i would love the constant changing of colors. it's amazing.