Friday, February 8, 2013

A Red Line, 1

For some things, one cannot remain silent. A difficult subject has arisen and requires attention. And so I have turned to my textile sketchbook/journal. I first used a glue stick to attach the base fabric to the sketchbook paper then the small pieces to the base fabric.
Then, the stitching began.
The blue triangles represent a shattering. A red line has been crossed. 
Tunisia is on the edge...There will be a News Update over at MulticoloredPieces later today.


Roxanne said...

Nadia, the only thing one can say is that the world has gone mad. :(

Kit Lang said...

Goodness... the contrast between the cheery look of the piece and the subject matter is... thought provoking.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I thought of you yesterday when I read the news - a short thing but enough info to make me worry.