Monday, April 1, 2013

A Doily

Doilies are such bizarre objects, sort of useless for today's fast-paced life. Yet, my small collection holds the Memory of Grandmothers and their handiwork, and consequently they earn their place in my heart.
 I want to document this small one before I incorporate it into my white brocade project.
Last night I looked at it closely under strong light and realized that it is hand stitched, as far as I can tell. I was amazed and dazzled by the work. Even the back is meticulous.
Although it belonged to my grandmother, I have no idea who made it. 
The edge is perfection. Stitched on some kind of organza, this doily measures only 4"/10cm across and the central floral motif is only 2"/5cm across. You almost need a microscope to see it!


Mo Crow said...

love seeing this daintiness up close, the stitching is immaculate & so good to see you incorporating it into the 21st C world, I have 2 hankies & a table runner that were gifted to me that sit in an envelope to be taken out occasionally, have been contemplating cutting them up but how do I dare...?

nandas said...

Hello my oregon friend. I am surfacing after quite a hiatus of sorts. I signed up for Jude's what if and will try to keep up with it. Excited that you are there too. Your appliqué is astounding! Even more so than what you showed me when you were here... 2? Years ago? Trying to decide what to do about my blog... Start a new or just resume?
To the subject at hand... This is a lovely fine doily. And I know you will do it proud!

Anneliese said...

This doily is truely something wonderful. They made such fine things in the past. I own such treasures as well and display them on the piano to have a look and wonder always when I pass. I also admire the buttonhole - they are more than perfect

wholly jeanne said...

you know, i once didn't especially like doilies. too frue-frue for my taste. or something. over the past 4-5 months, i've been quietly collecting them, though, picking them up at thrift shops and antique stores, planning to use them when i finish stitching and pull together nancy's drawings, set 2. as i amass a collection, i find that i'm fascinated with them. i find them beautiful. i'm glad you have these, i'm glad you documented them, and i'm glad you've found a way to use them in your work.