Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Roses, 3

Just playing around while pinning on pink fabric. Little snippets kept falling all over so I decided to go with it.
The snippets aren't attached yet. Not sure I'll keep them--something to be decided at the end. The idea of snippets seemed so appropriate for a blog named "Multicolored Snippets."

Excavating. Thinking of drawings in old sketchbooks. Yipes! from the 90s!

It would seem that roses appear on my path often. Childhood memories of my grandmothers' rose gardens, of the rose gardens in Oregon and the Portland (Oregon) Rose Parade.

The four rose bushes in my garden must be 30 years old and are fortunately very sturdy varieties. Can't say I take good care of them, but they generously put forth their luxuriant blooms a couple times a year.

Until I began the Snippets blog to document my work/play in fabric, I couldn't really see any crossover between mediums, that is, between sketching and fabric quilts. I'm beginning to see this more clearly.


arlee said...

things recur without us realizing sometimes--going back to old work can be quite refreshing. and again i love your sketching capabilities and results

fiberchick said...

Are you going to anchor the snippets with a layer of tulle or sew them down?

MulticoloredPieces said...

If I keep them, I'll probably drive by with the machine. I could use a bit of fabric glue first to keep them in place while sewing. Pins are too big. I don't even own any tulle. Others use it with success, but I don't seem to be attracted to that method. Maybe it's the extra layer I don't care for.