Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stitching the Land

I continue to stitch the land for the Wing Cloth.
I like the stitching.
It's the colors that I don't care for.
Well, particularly the tea-dyed brown.
From experience I know that colors I find ugly can be extremely useful when mixed with other colors.
I machine sewed the sides to the central panel instead of hand sewing them because I was longing for some nice, straight lines.
At this point, I said to myself, "This is the worst thing I've EVER done." Admittedly, that is a good sign because it means I'm exploring new territory. Painful all the same. No idea where this is going.

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Minka said...

The colors in this set of photos are different from those of the previous posting. I like these shapes and textures. This whole typography look is wonderful. Maybe you could do a series of maps.