Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stacked Squares, 1

I collected broken pieces of this pretty blue wall tile when we had construction going on.
So I played with those pieces on a 3-l. olive oil tin plant container. 
This pot awaits grouting with cement.
As I cut and glued the pieces, I thought about artists who play with simple shapes. For example, Carole Reid has a circle journal with all kinds of interesting designs; a design a day, more or less.

Playing on paper or on a journal or sketchbook page doesn't really hold my interest. Rather, I seem to experiment on the mosaic surface. My rule: every container has to have a different design. And as I use a fair amount of olive oil, and empty paint buckets present themselves occasionally, I have a steady supply of surfaces.

On this container, I played with stacked squares and skinny rectangles lined up in some kind of flowing order.


Mo Crow said...

you have such a beautiful sense of line in all your work I would love to see your rough sketches on paper!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Thank you, Mo. The only problem is that I work directly on the mosaic surface, and that's pretty much true for fabric as well--no rough sketches. I think I have liberated myself from paper, because for me to be able to draw like I sew or do mosaics would take me another lifetime. I'm much more inhibited with pen and paper, very uptight!

On the other hand, I find that thanks to your comments I have been pushing myself to loosen up with sketchy lines as I have been intuitively going in that direction for some time.

Mo Crow said...

& vice versa Nadia, you're wonderfully free stiched & masiced lines are influencing my very tight and tentative stitching, am working blind (no sketches) on a little solstice cloth that I started yesterday!

Mo Crow said...

oops that was meant to be mosaiced not masiced

MulticoloredPieces said...

I wondered--I checked the dictionary!