Friday, March 1, 2013

Spools of Thread

As machine stitching takes up a fair amount of time these days, I look at my shelf of threads frequently because it sits just above the machine at eye level. I like to fiddle with it, arrange the spools.
This pleases me so, the color, the shine and luster, the shapes. A third of the spools were mine and the rest came from my mom. Nobody wanted her collection...except me. Thanks, Mom.

I've already told this snippet of a story, which I made up, and I'll probably tell it again (I seem to be working on something unconsciously--bear with me):
My folks are sitting together in the beyond, and my dad asks peevishly, "Now, why did you buy all that thread that you didn't use?" (He was a frugal person, having lived through the Depression).
And my mom quips, "Because I knew our daughter would need it."
Can't argue with that. You'll never have the last word, Dad...

OK, back to the pomegranate leaves.


nadine said...

Whaooou le TRESOR !

Roxanne said...

This post made me smile. I inherited my mom's and grandmother's thread stash too.

arlee said...

i have drawersful--and you can never have too much if you use it :)

Julierose said...

thread decor--I just love, am heading now to put mine out--great idea....and so many scissors--thank you for sharing that peek into your room...Julierose

bohemiannie! art said...

Well of course she knew you would need it!