Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wing Cloth Center, 7

Inching along...I'm getting a tangle on the lower left side.
While stitching, I watched the very first three episodes of "Bewitched" on Youtube. 
I didn't watch TV much as a kid, so I've only seen an occasional episode of "Bewitched" and under the dictatorship we couldn't get Youtube. I find the old programs enjoyable. Of course, I can't help but analyze patriarchal discourses since I research and write about women's history. Still, between the stitching and the wily Samantha, it was an agreeable evening.


arlee said...

i'm still amazed at this technique you have made so much your own.
And there is much to be said about old movies while stitching--i've been "doing" some silent ones from the 20's! a little harder to watch and stitch with no aural cues but quite fascinating

Els said...

O YES "inching" forward !!!!
Step by step, stich by stitch, inch by inch ....
(hope you renew your drivers license soon ....)

Mo Crow said...

I love your cloth weaving! the film that influenced the Bewitched TV series is Bell Book and Candle 1958 Kim Novak, James Stewart & a very young Jack Lemmon. Yhe marvelous Siamese Pyewacket who is the real star of the show and it's much darker and funnier.