Friday, March 22, 2013

Sketched Blue Flowers, 3

The weather remains beautiful making spring the best time of year in Tunisia. However, warmer temperatures also mean lots to do outside. I'm having a tough time carving out sewing time. More stitching into the wee hours to add on some black needle turn as a sort of frame to the sketched blue flowers.
This piece measures about 15 " square (38 cm square), for the time being. 
I managed to finish some bamboo pots as well.
Just bamboo sticks from the garden glued to plastic water bottles cut in half. 
A couple still need planting. I might make a few more. 
The ties are the seams of flea market clothing that has become a part of my stash once cut apart.

Linked to Nina Marie's "Off the Wall Friday."


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to catch up with what everyone has been doing.
I love the idea of bamboo over bottles. I think I my cover some of my very boring pots this way.

Julierose said...

Oh this piece definitely reminds me of "gardens and root systems etc" so evocative. I just love blues...can't wait for the finish..Julierose

Linda A. Miller said...

I am amazed by your needle turning. And the bamboo addition to bottles is great!

Judy Warner said...

Beautiful needle work. Wish it would turn to spring here.

Els said...

Yes Nadia, you sure are like a busy bee ;-)
Love the bamboo pots !

Nina Marie said...

you know Nadia - one thing I've found while reading your blog is that there is always something going on there - I love how you just create create create - love the raw edges of this!

bohemiannie! art said...

You..Nadia...are a very uniquely creative person.