Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sketched Blue Flowers

During this short break from pomegranates, I'm backtracking to bring a few small pieces forward and possibly finish them. A first fabric sketch from a year ago:
I first sketched on fabric, then added small pieces of fabric by machine, 
after which I machine stitched the flowers. 
I framed it up with a dark green fabric (a bear to photograph), so now I'm adding hand stitching. 
A thin layer of batt serves as a backing for the moment--easy to stitch into. 
As this measures only about 14" square (very small for me), I might manage to finish soon.


Patty Ashworth said...

Could you make a fabric little drivers license? Just for fun... like one of the trading cards. Ask the police what you are supposed to do and maybe they can give you an extension card...

Good Earth Quilting said...

Beautiful work Nadia. I'm determined to get back to quilting soon. My gardening and a new greenhouse!

This is such lovely work, I really love your use of vintage fabrics!!