Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Sea Monster in My Pocket, 3

Dear Blogging Friends,
       Since January when a loved one encountered serious medical problems consequently adding a number of responsibilities to my workload, I have been struggling to keep up with my blogs. In addition, I have just returned to teaching after a long hiatus, and having never taught in a Tunisian university, I'm surprised at the course-load and amount of preparation required. Every second of my day is now precious. I refuse to stop blogging because it has become such an essential and enjoyable part of my life, however, I'm unable to just sit and cruise the net, visiting blogging friends (which gives me immense pleasure). The problem: I feel embarrassed that I can't respect some kind of basic blogging etiquette that requires some kind of acknowledgement of people who have the kindness to leave comments. I am consequently thinking of turning off the comments section for the time being on both blogs, with the hope that I can turn it on again during vacation...or if there are so many strikes and protests this year that I can't teach. 
         I would appreciate any suggestions or opinions you might have on the subject to help me decide. 
         Thank you so much. 
         best, nadia

And as usual, inching along.  


Julierose said...

Well, I will follow your "whenever" postings at any rate and perhaps, you can turn on comments for just the weekends? I totally understand the time/workload that teaching brings (both my husband and I taught before we retired--he in Middle School Band as Director and I as a private piano teacher). Such work demands commitment and involvement with students and much effort...best of luck to you Julierose

Judy Warner said...

I think that receiving comments would help you continue to feel connected. I am fine with not receiving a response from you and I suspect most of your followers would understand. If you leave comments on, you will always have the option to respond to one particular comment if time permits.
Most importantly, take care and find a moment to breathe and smile before you worry about responding to every comment. :)

Sharon Tomlinson said...

I was going to say what Judy Warner said. Exactly. Comments are for you and you will be surprised how much they will inspire you in so many ways. I never "expect" a response.

I fear if you shut down comments you will eventually get slower and slower with your post. Your magic with fabric must be seen.

Roxanne said...

I understand where you're coming from. There just isn't enough time in the day for everything we want to do. You have to prioritize what is best for you. Your blog is one of the ones I enjoy the most and will follow regardless of your decision. Congratulations on your new teaching job!

Margaret said...

I agree with Judy about connecting through comments...but don't feel pressured to reply. We all know you appreciate hearing from us -- and we, from you!

Blessings for the year ahead!

Linda M said...

Best wishes and congratulations on the teaching position. I will continue to check the blog no matter what you decide.

beth from still life pond said...

Whatever works, Nadia. Balance is so slippery. But just had to say how much I love this thing creeping out of your pocket!

Perlhuhn said...

Congratulations to your job. Good that you try to blog anyhow. Give us the chance to comment and appreciate your work. Answers are not needed.

The Idaho Beauty said...

What Perlhuhn said. While it is nice to have a comment acknowledged, it isn't absolutely necessary. Sometimes when I get overloaded, I default to adding my own comment of "Thanks everyone" at the end. Sometimes I just have to trust people understand that I do read and appreciate those comments. I think we will be fine with you not answering us. I think we'd all rather be able to continue giving you kudos and feedback when you do have time to blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nadia,
I love following both of your blogs (and not least your comments to every day life in your surroundings) but the most important is that you take care of yourself. So please let us hear from your once in a while but without any pressure.
I must say that it is polite to answers each comment but I chose my way to handle answers to comments after looking at other blogs where I found that the majority just writes an answer when there are questions in the comment. So maybe you could spare yourself there.
Take care - Gurli

Caroline Heinrichs said...

I wish you well and don't feel you have to reply to any comment for heaven's sake. I'll continue to read and learn whenever you get a chance. Much success with your new work!

Els said...

Dear Nadia, I didn't read the other comments yet so I might be saying what lots of others said before .... ;-)
I LOVE it when you find the time to keep blogging and show us your wonderful work in progress !!!
I don't expect you to answer, but I think it is lovely for yóú to read what feelings we get when we see your work develloping and growing into something beautiful !
Just so sad when you encounter serious health problems in your hear family : it absorbs so much energy ! Hope all changes for the best !
Of course whishing you lots of fun and succes in your new teaching job !!!
So : please let us keep chatting to you ;-D