Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Drat, I Forgot My Stitching, 3

During an unexpected l-o-n-g wait when out and about doing errands, I once again turned to my trusty purse sketchbook. As stitching projects are bulkier, I usually take one along only if I'm sure the wait will be lengthy. 

This is the old Casino in Hammamlif (Tunisia), a beach town that has become a suburb of Tunis. It dates from the colonial period (probably late nineteenth century). I'd always wanted to sketch it. The palm trees,  for which I have a healthy respect because they take years to grow, are dramatic.

I confess that I started with a light pencil sketch to get the composition right. If I had had the time, I would've done another sketch with just the marker, free it up a bit...maybe next time. I go by there often.

Or I'll take my textile sketchbook and work on fabric, and then stitch over it by machine...I'm rather liking that idea.

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Kit Lang said...

It would be wonderful to see the above piece stitched! In fact, that's giving me an idea... :)