Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Studio Clean-Up

The urge to clean out and put things in order as we launch into a new season has me going in circles between garage (1/3 done, a major job because the garage is actually 4 big rooms including my laundry room--do you have any idea how much junk 4 rooms can contain???), garden (much of the garage junk is useful in the garden), and studio, where I make more stuff for the garden. In an effort to finish and clear away, I found this last bamboo planter (bamboo glued onto cut off plastic soda bottle) that I had neglected to finish. It took all of 15 minutes.

With the test of time, the bamboo pots have proven not very durable. I probably won't do anymore, and yet, I like them.

While tackling what to do with stuff that simply cannot be thrown out, I came up with this novel idea for a plant table.

Yup, gas bottles (we don't have city gas), which we no longer use, as a table base with a table top of left over wrought iron. 

Of course, it would all require paint, and then wall tiles on top of the wrought iron to hold plant pots. I thought it was a brilliant idea to disguise those unsightly bottles. Then my husband told me he had found a buyer for the bottles--he must've gotten wind of my idea!

And so it just goes round and round.


Els said...

Ha Nadia, you're one busy girl !!!!
(use and re-use ;-) that makes the world go round !)

Margaret said...

I was thinking how great the wrought iron table top is...drainage for the pots etc...but now I guess you have to find another base! I'm sure in that garage you'll come up with something! :-)