Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Post: Talking to Myself

I have always talked to myself out loud because I consider myself the best possible audience. I will, after all, understand everything that I say. When I need to work something out or organize myself, I talk to myself out loud. When I need to think, I talk to myself out loud. Once, I tried to stop the habit, which was painful, and I soon reverted to my old ways. Living on a farm and seeing very few people most days means I need to create my own audience as well.

Do I need another blog?
I find I like the format of the blog to keep myself organized and on track, to motivate myself to finish things. This blog is also a place to record my old sketchbooks (few that there are), drawings, paintings, projects from the past, "stuff" of no particular interest except to me and maybe with a thought of leaving a record for my children and grandchildren. The blog format creates the possibility of a journal enhanced by technology that is easy to manipulate. I am probably influenced in this endeavor by Jude Hill's "Spirit Cloth Diaries" that includes videos, audios, photos of journal pages, samples, past work and current projects. An interesting exploration of the possibilities of the new technologies.

So MulticoloredSnippets will be less text and more visual, I think. Yet a place where I can talk to myself and ramble with no thought to audience. I have kept this bare-bones, however, for readers' convenience and because someone requested it very nicely I have enabled "Followers" and comments. Maybe the comment section is a good idea. Some discussions might develop. In any case,  read at the risk of being bored silly.

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