Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pomegranate Background.

For the background of the pomegranate tree, I made six panels, 28" x 28" more or less. Jaggedly cut strips sewn one on top of the other with newsprint as stabilizer. It took an hour and a half per panel just to sew all the strips down. Used black thread. Paper not removed yet.

Mostly cotton fabrics. I bought several reproduction fabrics while in the States last April. Brown is a bit difficult to find, at least the browns I wanted. Also two scarves included (the gray/black zigzag fabric and the green and brown paisely-type fabric).
I'll eventually cut the panel in to 6" or 8" strips and sew them back together again. I have no idea whether this is going to work or not. I can always use it for something else if it doesn't but that would still be a bummer because I need a background for the pomegranates.

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