Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Make Lemonade"

Process on fabric sketchbook: fabric sewn to sketchbook page.
At first this felt like an assignment and I dragged my feet, but then I began playing with the background and it became fun. Laid down glass fabric (white-gray plaid) first, then auditioned fabrics for tile effect. Had some gray strip squares but really didn't like the darkness. Craving pink. Dug up a painted fabric (thinned acrylics).
Realized I needed some yellow on the left. Then wrote text with permanent marker.Should possibly have written text later. 
One painted fabric with commercial fabrics from flea market clothing. Framed up each piece with free motion machine stitching. Thread colors: maroon, hot pink, salmon pink, pink-pink, orange, yellow.
A comment from Henrietta in Spirit Cloth Diaries: she saw a calendar...yes. time passing.
A sunny composition. Lemonade really is that light yellow. The ice cubes are a print with little yellow flowers. Decided not to cut off the shadow extending on the bottom right.
And I finished the glass of lemonade before I finished drawing it. It was good, very good.

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