Sunday, November 25, 2012

Portable Sketchbook.

My more traditional sketchbook, 8"x6"/20cmx15cm; small enough to carry in my purse. I usually sketch in lost moments when out in the car. Not a daily practice, maybe once a week. I glued on fabric bits, then machine stitched. A bit of a trick because of the wire spiral.
Played around with markers on the reverse side of the stitching.
For me, there doesn't seem to be much crossover between sketchbook and fabric maybe because I don't give the sketching much thought. Here's looking out the dentist's French door balcony windows in an older section of Tunis, March 2012.
It occurred to me, however, that I would like to hold in my hand a sketchbook where one side of the page is drawn and the other side is a fabric interpretation.
Glue and a stack of fabric bits. This is working really small. I like it, but it's a bit finicky. Haven't progressed much on this idea. I'll get to it eventually. I also have a looseleaf notebook of the same size which I will use when I fill up this sketchbook. I can take the pages out and sew on them.

These are the ideas that preceded my Textile Sketchbook, which I will probably stick with because it's more idea-driven. I can get a better grip on it. The purse sketchbook (and any sketchbook I've done to date) is rather random. The Textile Sketchbook also serves to illustrate my main blog, giving it purpose. Random. I don't think "random" suits me very well, maybe because I feel like I must justify my use of time, which comes from a pronounced work ethic. Finding purpose may be the way of getting around the work ethic, or putting the work ethic to creative use.


Mo Crow said...

Oh I really like the spontaneity of using the reverse of the sketches Nadia!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Yeah, the process changes everything. I'll finish it soon.

arlee said...

Nadia, glad i found you again! Your machine applique is so wonderfully freely sketchy--LOVE it