Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coming Up for Air

After being submerged with the ancestors, I'm coming up for air...I finished the genealogies and set up the Picasa Web Albums for old family photos. Still some work left, but the major part is in place.

So this photo tickled me. My grandparents took a trip to Texas in 1943. They saved up ration tickets to exchange them for gas coupons and drove south in December (good choice considering the blistering cold in northern Minnesota). So here's my grandmother picking grapefruits...with her mink-trimmed coat.

Why is this interesting to me? Because history repeats itself--two days ago I was picking grapefruits for market and mine looked every bit as good...but I hardly had a mink-trimmed coat!


Els said...

Ha, Nadia, laughed out loud about you and the mink trimmed coat !!!!
Sorry but I missed a lot of your posts lately: a bit blog-tired perhaps or too much to do before and during the Holidays ? Probably !

Lóve your New Year's rabbit !!!!
I still want to give your way of braiding strips of fabric trough one another and appliquéd a go on a part of my big cloth ... and it always reminds me of the Mola-type of appliqué ... wonderful !

Poly said...

Hola Nadia, acabo de descubrir tu blog y me parece muy hermoso e interesante, sin duda es un aporte a la creatividad.

te invito a visitarme:

¡un abrazo desde Chile!

Roxanne said...

The story about your grandmother picking grapefruit while wearing her mink trimmed coat made me smile.