Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On My "Design Wall"

"Design Walls" are over-rated. I used to have a whole wall for design, but all it did was collect "stuff." Therefore it looked ugly. And as I don't have an attic or a basement, I needed storage space.

Now I just use the floor, or pin stuff onto my fabric stacks. Here's what's been pinned up for awhile.
Figs. Pieced background is leftover from the Wild Boars. For the time being, they float in the air. Note to myself: figure out the shadows underneath the figs.


Nina Marie said...

ohh I love my design wall and but then again I do have a lot of storage albeit on assorted levels of the house. Still - there are few really good ideas for temp design walls that can be put up and down at will - so that's an option too. I really love the use of the neutrals on this piece!

Nifty Quilts said...

You've shown me that I need to make some light pieced backgrounds. For what, I don't know yet.