Friday, January 25, 2013

Abstracted Pomegranate, 1

I've never "wasted" time with making samples or test pieces as every project tends to be big, dense, and demanding for me. However, having the Textile Sketchbook/Journal has opened the door to more possibilities that can be worked out rapidly (relatively).

While working on the pomegranates, I just felt like laying down threads in all those beautiful colors just for the sake of laying them down. So I picked a journal page with a soft gray/green (men's shirt) fabric and added a couple layers of newsprint underneath for stabilizer.

Here's the lineup of threads--6 of mine and 5 colors from my mom's collection (Thanks, Mom). I decided to add her wooden spool threads into my collection (instead of keeping them hidden away in a plastic bag) and use up the thread. What a palette I have now!

Just can't resist adding the pinks.
Thinking in terms of simple shapes, circle and triangles; abstracted pomegranate.

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Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful! I really love seeing your process.