Monday, January 21, 2013

The Gate, 2

A couple more thoughts on the Gate page. I found the top tree line too dark because it would get in the way of the decorative touches on the gate.

Added another layer.

Worked on the rusty part of the door. Found myself just wanting to lay down thread, beautiful colors of thread.

Ultimately, I could have worked just on the door and left the rest stark, with just the drawn sketch lines.

This distorted fairly badly, too.

Adding the words remains an adrenalin rush for me:
so fast with a machine and so many possibilities of bizarre results.


Nina Marie said...

I find gates fascinating too - maybe its because you're always wondering where they'll lead! this whole collage fiber way of contructing is very cool too if I haven't mentioned it. The deconstruction of the fabric adds this sorta impressionistic effect as well as very nice textures!

Roxanne said...

An awesome piece!