Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stitching Pomegranates, 7

Sometimes Usually after finishing a consuming project, I feel emptied and unfocused. It's not that I get dead ended or blocked creatively (I only have 5 projects going on at any one time, with a dozen others already backed up and several ideas waiting to come to life), it's just a sort of uuummmfff feeling.

Cleaning something clears the cobwebs. So I cleaned off my sewing table last night where a huge stack of snippets had piled up beside the machine. Couldn't even find the table. Put all the snippets in a plastic bag, which hangs on a hook sticking out from my shelves for fabric. Out of the way, yet conveniently close at hand.
Then I lined up my threads and got back to my pomegranates.
The machine and I were one.


Mo Crow said...

Hi Nadia love the pomegranate stitching! the video says an error occurred try again later Rod loads his videos onto YouTube and they get compressed in there... don't know if that helps?

Roxanne said...

Ha! Great minds think alike. I started cleaning up my projects and using fabrics that had collected on top of my loom. I was in a sewing frenzy! And I too have many projects demanding to come into existence.

Els said...

Really great the way you work: first pieces of fabric, then drawing with a pen (what kind ?) and finally "drawing" with the machine needle ;-)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Thanks, Mo. I found the "help" section for audio recordings. Now I just have to figure it out. Not for any time soon...

Glad to see we're on the same wave length, Roxanne. "Frenzy" would be an accurate description for me too.

Hi, Els. I just use a permanent felt pen (usually a fine tip "Stabilo"), the equivalent of a "Sharpie". I get mine at a local art supplies store and they're imported from Europe.

I might add that I usually first pick my subject and draw vague forms on my base cloth (circles and rectangles) so I know where to lay down my pieces of fabric. Then I stitch the pieces to the base (either by hand or machine) and go from there.

bohemiannie! art said...

Awesome interaction with your machine Nadia. I feel that way too after completing a project...even though I have a dozen more. I often 'make' fabric with my snippets during this time...which focuses me and is very meditative. Just like what you did with your pomegranates.