Monday, December 9, 2013

Fruits of the Season, 6

The yellow rectangles are now machine stitched. The idea of putting in a yellow background as the complement of purple rather pleases me--it's so cheery. Memories of a warmer month.
I'm liking the uneven, extended edges. They'll probably stay.

I decided to add cross-hatched shadows with a black marker. Stitching over them would probably make the area too dark.

The temptation to add hand stitching is hard to resist. That's why rule no. 1 is speed for my textile sketchbook.


Julierose said...

Oh I like how this is turning out...lovely purples and pinks...hugs, Julierose

Martha said...

Totally understand the urge to hand stitch, but this is quite lovely. What is it about complementary colors? They are always an energy boost for me.

Linda M said...

Love the yellow, really makes the purples sing.