Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Teal & Beige, 1

Beige sits toward the bottom of my list of favorite colors, or rather it sits at the top of the list of colors I dislike. And yet it can be useful. I finished glueing this small paint can with a beige/salmon filler.

You know the rule: use colors you don't like. A color I simply dislike is apricot (or salmon). There's no cure for it, so I force myself to use it because it makes blue sing. 


The Idaho Beauty said...

Not only is this a marvelous color combination, it's a marvelous design. love the rise and fall of the line of blue and the chunkiness of the pieces.

deanna7trees said...

beige just works in so many things and since eco-dyeing, it's variations have made me love it. every color has its place, i guess. you used it beautifully here.

Anneliese said...

Really a beautiful design, beige has the calming effect - it is simply no colour.